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Saturn transit to Capricorn after 30 years | Effects on each Rashi

Saturn , the graha of justice , patience and sincerity is coming back to its own zodiac Capricorn after 30 years !

Disclaimer : These are generic predictions for Shani gochar for different rashi’s. For thorough analysis , the kundli must be analyzed in totality , specially with respect to your D1 , D9 , Moon Chart and Saturn


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Transit highlights on most impacted Rashi’s

Scorpio Relief Relief Relief , Sade Sati ending !

Aquarius Embrace for discipline ,  Sade Sati first phase starts.

Sagittarius Things will ease out now..  Sade Sati in its last phase

Capricorn Sade sati in second phase

Libra  Shani Dhaiya starts

Gemini Ashtama Shani.

1. Aries Rashi

Saturn Rules 10th & 11th house

Transits  10th house

Aspects 12th,4th,7th house


🔆 Career will be in focus. Great period to work hard at your workplace or work on your business / startup without thinking about the returns. Job change is likely.

🔆 Mars joining Saturn in Capricorn in April 2020 can give opportunities and success in career as ascendant and 10th lord will be joining together in 10th house where Saturn will be in own and Mars in his exaltation sign.

🔆 Any manipulation or laziness at workplace might have negative consequences on your professional and financial life

🔆 Expenses might keep you on your toes. Be careful with your financial decisions.

🔆 Do your duties religiously and rewards will come eventually.

🔆 Do not get disheartened by hurdles or failures.

🔆 Home , Family and marriage will require some attention. Do not neglect them.

2. Taurus Rashi

Saturn Rules 9th & 10th house

Transits 9th house

Aspects 11th, 3rd & 6th house.


🔆 Start of a great period as you will get the rewards of your hard work now.

🔆 Success will come at professional front. Expect gains in business or promotion if you are in a job.

🔆 You will work hard and crush the negativities or animosity around you.

🔆 People who were battling health issues will see some relief.

🔆 Luck will increase in matters related to income , job or business

🔆 A good period to improve relations with friends , siblings and relatives

3. Gemini Rashi

Saturn Rules  8th & 9th house

Transits 8th house

Aspects 10th, 2nd & 5th house.


🔆 Speculative gains are foreseen. You will benefit immensely if you are in stock market or other speculative businesses

🔆 A lucky period in general

🔆 A great period to socialize and also spend good time with family and friends.

🔆 A period of consistent hard work in professional life. Whether you have a business or a job, you will get benefited if you do what is right. Saturn will not tolerate shortcuts.

🔆 Avoid alcohol or Non vegetarian food.

4. Cancer Rashi

Saturn Rules  7th & 8th house

Transits 7th house

Aspects 9th house, 1st house & 4th house.


🔆 Married life and partnerships will be in focus. Efforts will be needed in these areas. Do not neglect your spouse.

🔆 Saturn aspect on Lagna will create mental blocks and make you lazy

🔆 A great period to develop new skills or increase your knowledge

🔆 Do not get disheartened by confusion or chaos , as its will more in your mind than actual.

🔆 Avoid overthinking and do meditation if this over analysis is making you uncomfortable.

5. Leo Rashi

Saturn Rules 7th & 6th house

Transits 6th house

Aspects 8th house, 12th house & 3rd house.


🔆 Time to win over your enemies, in fact you will work hard and crush any animosity around you

🔆 This is a great time if your profession is related to medical , health or legal.

🔆 Be careful with your finances as unnecessary expenses might make you uncomfortable. There are chances of unexpected gains too.

🔆 Foreign travel is likely

🔆 Speak with caution

6. Virgo Rashi

Saturn Rules 6th & 5th house

Transits 5th house

Aspects 7th, 11th & 2nd house


🔆 Time to focus on your children or your creative side

🔆 People whose profession is related to creativity like design , arts, fashion , marketing will get good success

🔆 Efforts will be needed in your married life and family. Do not neglect your family and spend quality time with them.

🔆 You will strive hard to improve your financial life. You will get the fruits of these efforts , but not before initial hurdles and failures.

🔆 Do not get disheartened by demanding work environment or delays / hurdles in business. Saturn wants you to work hard.

🔆 Take care of your health

7. Libra Rashi

Saturn Rules 4th & 5th house

Transits 4th house

Aspects 6th,10th & 1st house


🔆 Venus joining Saturn in Capricorn in December 2021 will help you buy land, home and other things related to 4th house. (Ascendant and 4th lord (Saturn itself) will be joining in 4th house)

🔆 Slowdown in professional life is foreseen

🔆 Home will be in focus.

🔆 Mother or a mother figure will require your attention and care. Do your duties whole heartedly.

🔆 Be careful in taking up new job / opportunities / business as there are chances of hurdles.

🔆 Overthinking will make you uncomfortable and you will over analyze things around you. Time to calm your mind.

8. Scorpio Rashi

Saturn Rules 3rd & 4th house

Transits 3rd house

Aspects  5th,9th & 12th house


🔆 The end of Sade Sati will bring relief for you and you will start seeing success. You will now reap the fruits of the tough time you faced.

🔆 Communication will be the focus and you will taste great success if your job requires communication as a key element. People related to marketing , blogging , youtubers etc will get benefitted.

🔆 Success is seen in business. If you are in a job, you can expect promotion anytime !

🔆 Foreign travel likely

🔆 Children and siblings will need your focus and attention.

9. Sagittarius Rashi

Saturn Rules 2nd & 3rd house

Transits 2nd house

Aspects 4th, 8th & 11th house


🔆 You might have just faced a very tough phase in last 2.5 years. Time to get some relief.

🔆 Family and income will continue to be the focus area

🔆 Things will improve but this is a time to work hard and turn adversity to opportunity as Saturn wants you to do your karma.

🔆 Issues related to family life and finances will resolve but you will still phase some minor issues till you get out of sade sati completely

🔆 Considerable effort will be needed in areas related to income , home and mother. Take care of your mother.

🔆 Speak with caution as there are chances of inviting unnecessary animosity.

10. Capricorn Rashi

Saturn Rules 1st & 2nd house

Transits 1st house

Aspects 3rd,7th & 10th house


🔆 You will enter the 2nd phase of Sade Sati in this transit. The belief in yourself and strong self-confidence will be the hallmark of this period

🔆 Your hard work and perseverance will convert every adversity to opportunity. Time to be patient , relentless and practical. Professional life will improve.

🔆 You might suddenly become an unreasonable employee, spouse or a friend. Try to be a little empathetic with people around you amidst this progressive period.

🔆 Married life might be a little chaotic and your words might attract unnecessary enemies.

🔆 Venus joining Saturn in Capricorn in December 2021 will bring happiness and success in professional life (Ascendant and 10th lord will be joining together in Ascendant)

11. Aquarius Rashi

Saturn Rules 1st & 12th house

Transits 12th house

Aspects 2nd, 6th & 9th house


🔆 It’s the 1st phase of Sade Sati for you. You will be expected to work harder than usual and might face hurdles in each of your endeavors

🔆 You might find challenges all around.

🔆 Unexpected traveling or a foreign travel might not go down well with you.

🔆 Family and financial life will need more efforts and focus from you.

🔆 Be patient with people around you as your harsh behavior might offend your loved ones and also invite unnecessary animosity.

🔆 Time to quit alcohol , smoking and non-vegetarian food.

12. Pisces Rashi

Saturn Rules 11th & 12th house

Transits 11th house

Aspects 1st, 5th & 8th house


🔆 Income and financial life will be in focus and will require some consistent effort on your part.

🔆 You will work harder and do your duties more diligently owing to the Saturn aspect on lagna.

🔆 Children will need your attention and you should spend quality time with them.

🔆 This is a great time to start a new venture, startup or anything you have been hesitant in doing since Saturn will ensure that you will work hard towards your goals.

🔆 Great time to improve relations with your loved ones and turn enemies into friends.