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What are Yogakaraka planets ? How to know if your Kundli has any Yogakaraka

What is a Yogakaraka | योगकारक ?

The Yoga-karaka is the planet which rules a Kendra (‘Angular house’) and a Trikona (‘Trine’) simultaneously.

A yogakaraka planet is said to produce good results of all kind like power, position, money, influence etc and is due to that fact that a yoga karaka alone works like a combination of Kendra-Trine combination.

Kalyan Verma, citing Hari, states that the planet at the time of birth occupying its own sign, moolatrikona-rasi or exaltation sign in a kendra from the lagna becomes a yoga-karaka.

Therefore, if for Cancer lagna the Moon and Jupiter are in the lagna, Saturn is in the 4th and the Sun and Mars combine in the 10th house, all these named planets become mutual yoga-karakas.

The planet which is situated in its exaltation sign, friendly sign and in its own navamsa, and the Sun exalted in the 10th house become special Raja yoga-karakas 

How to find your Yogakaraka

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