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Is Guru Chandal Yoga a boon or a bane ? 5 certain effects !

What is Guru-Chandal Yoga ?

Whevever in a Kundli , Rahu and Jupiter are together forming a conjunction its called Guru-Chandal Yoga. In simple words Rahu+Guru = Guru Chandal.

Jupiter is your wisdom , knowledge and your teacher. Rahu is all about confusion, manipulation and unending ambition !

Well this combination is generally perceived as a bad combination , but its all not bad in Kaliyuga we are in. The Maya, Manipulation and ambitions are what considered paramount now a days.

Lets understand 5 certain things that will happen to you when your wisdom (Jupiter) mixes with Maya (Rahu)

5 Effects of Guru Chandal yoga

1. Manipulation

🔆 Manipulation comes naturally to you and its very easy for you to influence others in a way you want.

🔆You can do anything to get what you want and will not think much on moral grounds.

🔆 This manipulation will help you a lot in materialistic pursuits, but in the end your Jupiter will make you realize the mistakes and you will understand your folly.

2. Out of the box thinking .. Ohh I am so different !!

🔆 You hate following what others are doing and want to do things differently.

🔆 This idea of “I am different” is engraved in your personality.

🔆 You like exploring new things and ideas which others do not know about and like to brag about it later

3. Lets do what society doesn’t permit !

🔆 Getting married to another caste or doing anything which is considered a taboo in society gives you a high !

🔆 You are not anti social, but you do not want to be tied down by society code of conduct.

🔆 You will do well and the same society will recognize your valor !

4. Obsessive & Larger than Life !

🔆 You always think big , after all Rahu the amplifier is in company of Jupiter the expansionist !

🔆 You shop big, spend big, boast big and do everything larger than life

🔆 Your goals will be much higher than anyone can think and you can even achieve them , surprising one and all

5. Complex personality ! Are you good or bad ? Well, it depends 🙂

🔆 Its very difficult to understand your personality since you can be wise with manipulation, knowledgeable with huge ambitions , empathetic yet opportunistic ! Its difficult to label your personality and its the circumstances which decide what you want to be !

🔆 There are high chances that you have 2 strong lot in your life. The one who deeply loves you and a one who deeply hate you !