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Are you short tempered ? Vedic Astrology perspective and 5 easy hacks to reduce your anger.

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Most astrologers attribute anger to Mars , which might be true in many cases.

Lets analyze the key elements that ignite the anger within & how can we overcome short tempered nature.

What is Tamas ?

Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 14
“ The three gunas born of Prakriti, Sattwa, Rajas and Tamas bind in the body, O great-armed one, the imperishable dweller in the body. Of these Sattwa is by the purity of its quality a cause of light and illumination, and by virtue of that purity produces no disease or morbidity or suffering in the nature: it binds by attachment to knowledge and attachment to happiness, O sinless one. Rajas, know thou, has for its essence attraction of liking and longing; it is a child of the attachment of the soul to the desire of objects; O Kaunteya, it binds the embodied spirit by attachment to works. But Tamas, know thou, born of ignorance, is the deluded of all embodied beings; it binds by negligence, indolence and sleep, O Bharata. Sattwa attaches to happiness, rajas to action, O Bharata; tamas covers up the knowledge and attaches to negligence of error and inaction”.
Translation by Sri Aurobindo

Which planets and zodiacs are Tamsik ?

Tamsik Graha :

🔆 Mars

🔆 Saturn

🔆 Rahu

🔆 Ketu

🔆 Debilitated planets

Tamsik Rashi

🔆 Virgo

🔆 Scorpio

🔆 Capricorn

🔆 Aquarius

Anger caused by Tamsik Mars or Kuja

Mars, the “Deh Karaka” is our valor , body, life force , bravery and aggression. The anger caused by Mars is primarily due to our need to retaliate , dominate or show our superiority. For this very reason, this tamas is highly useful for people in professions like army and police.

Mars is a protector , so the anger caused by Mars is primarily driven by protectionist instincts for self or others. There might be a desire to protect own ego & power. This power enhances the tamas.

Some easy hacks to identify if the anger caused in due to mars :

  • There is this basic need in the person to dominate
  • This desire to be the alpha , the one calling the shots is immense
  • Any challenge to this self fulfilling power aggravates anger

Anger caused by Saturn

Saturn, the “Karma Karaka” , is the significator of hard work , routines , limitations and duties and many other things. The anger caused by Saturn is primarily caused by our karmic duties. Things and karma we do that we do not like or despise will make us feel bounded.

Saturn or Shani wants us to do our karma and duties and since its the supreme judge, it punishes us hard if we deviate from our duties.

Easy hacks to identify the anger caused by Saturn:

  • Tendency to hate the job or duties. Anger is primarily seen at work place or due to situations arising out of our obligations. The duty could be professional or duties towards a person.
  • Laziness, the anger arises out of our need to have an easy life.
  • Routines, the anger is caused by boring monotony and your desire to live a more flamboyant life.

Anger caused by Nodes | The Rahu & Ketu

Rahu & Ketu hold the key to your life. While Rahu shows the future , ketu shows the past. While rahu shows the things that we need to accomplish in this life, ketu shows the things we will be deprived of.

The karmic axis of Rahu and Ketu are the prime drivers of our Fear , Desires , Deprivation and Ambition.

Easy hacks to identify the anger caused by Saturn:

  • Tendency to be too materialistic or ambitious . The anger is caused by our inability to fulfill our desires or getting exhausted by this constant pursuit of a better life, compromising own happiness
  • Fear. The anger is caused by fear for something, fear of losing people or things or the fear of unknown.
  • Deprivation, the fear is caused because of deprivation of something or someone you badly need or desire.

5 easy hacks to reduce anger.

1. Wake up early !

Mornings are brimmed with Satva. “Brahma Mahurata” starts 90 mins before sunrise and is the best time to stimulate your Satvik guna.

2. Empower Sattvik planets.

Do Jyotish upay for Satvik planets like Sun , Moon & Jupiter.

Speak truth, follow your dharma , Respect your parents , Do social work.

3. East Sattvik food

शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम् ।,

the physical body is the only medium for performing spiritual practice

Eat Vegetarian . Eat moderate. Avoid Tamsik food like Onion / Garlic etc. Avoid spicy or processed food. Quit sugar , alcohol , smoking and other addictive intoxications.

4. Materialism

Desires should not be the prime purpose of life. Desires eat our life & happiness and instill a sense of fear and anger within us.

5. Connect more with nature than technology.

Prefer natural environment above malls. Limit social media exposure and interaction with technology.Travel more.