07 Feb 2020, 03:24 pm 163 Views Disha Chopra

10 Indications you have a weak Rahu in your Kundli

1. House repairs

Are there cracks appearing in your house walls suddenly or some other unforeseen civil work requirements ?

2. Maya – Materialism

Larger than life perception about your ambitions and goals. You desire for something which is practically impossible. This mirage will break ultimately , bringing you closer to reality.

3. Addiction

Addiction to anything , be it alcohol or smoking or people or desires.This addiction weakens your inner wisdom and takes you away from dharma.

4. Confusion

Rahu is haziness.Be it professional or personal life a certain level of commotion or confusion will always greet you. This confusion is more to do with your desires.

5. Dissatisfaction

No matter how much you achieve , you simply cannot be satisfied. Be it job or money or people – You want more and more and more. This thirst for more will never be quenched till you realize that these desires are taking you away from yourself and your life.

6. Sudden unforeseen Events

Rahu is the epitome of sudden unforeseen events, events you never imagined would happen with you. Be it your personal life or professional life, do you feel this uncertainty , these events you have no control on ?

7. Pest Infestation

Is your house infested with pests like cockroach , ants or spiders ?

8. Losing interest in religion & dharma

Do you have this reluctance while going to temple or doing your duties ? Are you an escapist or someone who looks for an easy shortcut rather than serving your karmic obligations ?

9. Manipulation

Do you lie or manipulate things to influence others ?

10. Fear

Do you have fear of dark or fear of unknown events happening in future ?