08 Feb 2020, 04:49 pm 696 Views Disha Chopra

10 things that will certainly happen to you in your Sade Sati period

The period of Sade Sati starts when Saturn enters the zodiac sign immediately before the zodiac sign of Moon at the time of the birth of the individual. That is, if the Moon sign at the time of birth of the native was Taurus, then the Sadesati will begin when Saturn enters sign Aries. The Sadesati will continue while Saturn transits over this sign and the next two signs, i.e. the birth sign and the sign after it. Saturn spends around ​2 12 years in each sign. To cross these three signs it takes about ​7 12 years. Thus the name Sadesati which literally means seven and a half.

Contrary to popular belief , Sade Sati is a life changing period in ones life and one should be focussed towards his Karma during this period. With all the hurdles and failure, ultimate glory will be yours if you do justice to your karmic duties !

10 things to expect in your Sade Sati

1. Hard Work

🔆 Forget the easy life now

🔆 Easy shortcuts , easy money , easy lifestyle will be a thing of past

🔆 Hard work is the need of the hour and any slackness will be punished immediately

2. Moving out of comfort zone

🔆 Getting fired your your job or facing difficult time can actually do wonders to you in long term.

🔆 Time to upgrade your skills or learn new skills. Old convenient wys will not work now

🔆 Time to get out of your comfort zone and do things you are/were afraid of.

🔆 Time to face your fears with elan

3. Hurdles

🔆 Life will not be straightforward

🔆 Fight the resistance and Shani Dev will reward your bravery

🔆 Never give up ! These hurdles are transient

4. Stress

🔆 Stress will be part of your life

🔆 Try and avoid overthinking

🔆 There is only one way to get rid of this stress : Just do your duties whole heartedly and avoid laziness

5.Loss of Self Respect

🔆 Embarrassing situations might make you feel that you are losing your self esteem

🔆 People will conspire, insult or even make you feel inferior.

🔆 Do right. Do not think much about the rest. Things will fall into place eventually

6. Destruction of Status Quo

Hand writing break the status quo on grey background

🔆 You will not be able to maintain the status quo

🔆 Either you will have to embrace change or the change will be inflicted upon you

🔆 Embrace the change, no matter in which form it comes. You can switch your job, or find a new one after you lose existing or can even work on your startup.. The possibilities of change is immense and the fructification will happen eventually

🔆 The more your will try to maintain the status quo, the more you will fall down.

7. Short term losses vs Long term gains

🔆 The failures of present might be the stepping stone for future success

🔆 Think long term and avoid overthinking the short term failures or losses

🔆 Winning the battle and losing the war ? Choice is yours. embrace the loss and think about winning the war eventually.

8. Routine

🔆 You might feel trapped inside a routine you simply do not like

🔆 Embrace the routine and do your duties with honesty

🔆 Its in your best interest for now to stick to a routine and follow it religiously

9. Discipline

🔆 Be disciplined or else Saturn will teach you in its own unpleasant ways

🔆 Any laziness, carelessness or shortcuts will get you in trouble

🔆 There is only one way to alleviate failures – Discipline

10. Lessons for life

🔆 Sade sati teaches the best lessons for life

🔆 Identify your mistakes and benefit from these lessons

🔆 Shani Dev is keeping track of your Karma, Do good and good will happen to you eventually.