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5 Sanskrit quotes to help you understand life amidst this Corporate Haze & Unending Rat Race

Are you living a life to perpetually make your life better ?

Do you feel that life is going by too fast too soon ?

Amidst this corporate chaos , Is there something you feel is missing ?

You are reading the right post !

1. चरन्मार्गान्विजानाति ।

🔆 The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” ~ SAINT AUGUSTINE

🔆 No matter how busy you are , Travel often ! Traveling changes you, and for good. Make sure you travel often, it’s beyond just sight seeing.

🔆 Do not be afraid of walking into unchartered territories. Do not get emotionally attached to your job or company or corporate life.

🔆 Nomadic life is necessary to bring stability to life.

🔆 Enjoy the journey , more than the destination.

2. कुटुंबकं जीवनं मम

🔆 The first priority of your life should be Family. Period. Corporate life and success is important but should always be secondary to your loved ones.

🔆 In just few years, no one ( including you ! ) would care about your life’s appraisals or promotions or rewards. You wont even remember the faces of bosses you are trying to impress.

🔆 Spend quality time with your parents. They will be out of life sooner than you think.

🔆 Cherish each moment with your kids. In just few years , your most important possession will be the pictures of this very present you living in with them.

🔆 Your spouse should not be second to your parents, friends, coworkers, or even to your children

3. आनंदः अस्ति स्वीकृतिः

🔆 Learn to laugh at your problems. Problems do not like to stay with people laughing at them. Problems like serious kinds !

🔆Life is not easy for anyone. Accept everything that life has to offer. Failure , Divorce , Pink Slip , Financial loss etc … These hurdles of life are painful, but eventually make you wiser, stronger and better !

🔆 The more you resist life, the more suffocation you will breed. Take care of your loved ones, rest everything will fall into place.

🔆 Do not attach happiness to materialistic pursuits like money, It’s a number and numbers do not end.

🔆 Find happiness in things that were much more meaningful in your childhood,Like Trees, Birds, Forests, Butterfly, Sea, songs , dancing …

4. यत् भावो – तत् भवति

🔆 Think very highly about yourself and your life. Believe yourself as a very happy person ! Be the rockstar of you life.. Its all in the mind.

🔆 “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” ― Oscar Wilde .

🔆 Optimism is highly undervalued. You become what you believe in. Do not let your mind get tenanted by these negativities.

🔆 Believe your life is awesome. You are awesome !

5. कामधेनुगुना विद्या ह्यकाले फलदायिनी।
प्रवासे मातृसदृशी विद्या गुप्तं धनं स्मृतम्॥

🔆 Keep learning , If you do not upgrade your skills you will soon be like an outdated software, ready to be replaced.

🔆 In corporate life, You are simply a brick in the wall . Build your own wall , Try and find ways to turn your interest into an enterprise. Entrepreneurship is much more meaningful than any job has to offer.

🔆 Create your personal brand. Write more, Read even more , Speak less.

🔆 Technology is evolving fast, Do not be afraid of switching your job profile or learning something completely new.

🔆 Invest your time in the company of intelligent and knowledgeable people. Rest will just gossip or talk about other people.